Mangalitsa is the new black. I’m talking about some beastly piggies from Hungary. Big, fat, black and hairy, their name actually means hog with a lot of lard. Currently on the menu at The French Laundry amongst other top tier restaurants, its the latest bit of the new craze, which is basically eating a touch more fat than you’re used to.

These pigs belong to the lard type class, which is apparently, some new Pokemon sub-grouping. What we’ve been unfortunately eating all our health-obsessed lives has been the meat type instead, which translates to dry tasteless bits of cardboard. They’re basically more fat than meat and the raising method plus their genealogy means that they have lovely, marbled bits of meat or maybe lovely chunks of fat marbled with a touch of meat.

I for one, welcome our big, fat, black and hairy hog overlords if it means more flavor. Its really exciting to see that the word “lean” is now taboo and the word “marbled” is met with glee. Hope it stays that way and I can have my Dong Po Rou with Deep Fried Lard and Bak Kwa served on a mousse of whipped pork fat and lightened with a lard foam.


Here’s lookin’ at you, babe.*

pic and info via NYT.