April 9th. Top 10 items to kop.

1. Colored Skinnies in Gray and Electric Blue. Cos I can’t afford Geller and I’m very last season.

2. A gray hoodie. Basic, functional and value for money. Tenets of Uniqlo represented.

3. Basquiat Tee, Black with gold print.

4. Opening Ceremony Check Shirt.

5. Slouchie Beanie.

6. Knit Ties.

7. Underwear.

8. Socks.

9. Mod Polo.

10. Glasses? These look interesting.

11. Navy Roundneck Cotton Cashmere Sweater.

12. Gray Shorts.

13. Opening Ceremony “Suit”.

14. Parka.

Did I say 10? I meant 81751987. Should I continue?