Eagle Vs Shark is about 2 nerds that fall in love. Eagle is Jarrod, played by Jemaine Clement of Flying Conchords fame. Shark is Lily, played by Loren Horsley who has appeared in one episode of Xena: Warrior Princess.

Lily is nuts about Jarrod, despite the fact that he’s got a really horrid mullet and wears a Member’s Only jacket. He’s obssesive about all sorts of paraphenelia, including his collection of candles, amongst which you’ve got a Twin Towers one, which he’ll sell to the Muslims and an Osama one which he’ll sell to the yanks. He’s also driven on by a desire to exact revenge on his former high school tormentor, Eric. So Lily and Jarrod travel to his hometown to perform the mission.

There, the plot slowly unravels the issues behind Jarrod’s insecurities, largely because he never feels he’s quite as capable as his uber athelete brother who died some years ago. His family thinks he’s a loser and quite frankly, he is. He reckons if he manages to beat up Eric, he will restore his own honor, and maybe get his dad to like him a bit.

However, he keeps messing shit up, even dumping Lily for no good reason and hilariously screwing up the fight scene in an unexpected manner.

Throughout all this, you get some pretty indie pop and people wearing Awesome tracksuits. (As in the brand is Awesome sportswear, by Jarrod’s sister and brother in law.) Some of the more surreal bits of the film play out like a stop motion kid’s telly show, which gives it a touch of a romance without being too soppy. Plus, Jarrod’s hair just wins.

Check the trailer.