Was digging through my old clothes, looking for something to wear when I came across the above. I made it myself, dyed a plain white Uniqlo tee a minty green. (It was supposed to be kelly green but I didn’t use enough dye or whatever.) Then I stole a picture of Jurgen Klinsmann in a diving motion and posterized it before masking a layer and adding some text in a font I can no longer remember the name of.


It says, rather faintly, “Let’s All Do The Klinsmann”. I shoulda used a darker color and/or bigger font but whatever.


And that’s what I printed on the top of the back.

This shit prolly took me like 5 hours to do. Which is maybe 1 hour masking the thing, 3 hours sleeping, 30 mins with the font/color and 30 mins printing/ironing. I wanted a green shirt so it’d look like a footy pitch. I had a sense of humor back then. Sorry Spurs fans.