Ok I was there at 10-ish and it was packed. The store at Tampines 1 is located on the 2nd floor and its rather small but its expected given that its just Tampines. Although, Singapore being so tiny, you could open a store in Punggol and it might do fine. The locals go where its worth it. They’re smart like that. The crowd was a mix of youngsters and aunties. Its only Uniqlo, but in Singapore, it was kind of a big deal. To me, its largely an awesome basics company, with optional extras. I crow about it only because I’m broke as and it provides my nether regions with a spot of color.

I have to say, I’m a touch disappointed, largely because the Opening Ceremony collabo wasn’t there. Hello Opening Ceremony at the Opening Celebration? Wah lau. Isn’t that kind of auspicious?

I was expecting them to slash most of the selection and basically have a polo/tee/jeans kinda vibe and that was exactly what the store was. So I guess, I was semi prepared for a let down. I just kept hoping that the OC stuff might just make the cut. I’m also expecting, based on conversations with the super lovely store staff, (who helped me get another pair of jeans cos of my fat ass. thank you girls so much!) that the Orchard Ion store will hopefully stock the other stuff, like outerwear, cardis etc. I’m crossing my fingers that the next time I want something, I can just get someone to pop down and grab it and not have to proxy stuff and pay shipping and fees etc.

Anyway, I did get the jeans and some other stuff I wanted. So I’m still ok. Like the auntie behind me in the Q said, “Come all the way here, if dun buy something, feel left out!”. She also said, “Come back next week, when the fever die down, then buy some more.”.

Words of wisdom, although I’m pretty sure I won’t be grabbing much else. Maybe some more socks. I like they socks.