More Coen Brothers’ goodness and more heist goodness as well. Ladykillers is a 2004 film about a bunch of criminals hatching a plot to steal some money from a floating casino somewhere in the Southern region of the US.

Its actually a remake of a 1955 flick of the same name, only the setting, situations and characters are altered somewhat. Reading off wikipedia reveals that the plots are similar.

Basically, its another flick with a cast comprised of screwball characters, which is a classic Coen stamp it seems. The leader of the criminal gang is Tom Hanks’ Professor character, whose penchant for speaking endlessly in a faux old timey southern dandy fashion is seriously irritating, but is also his best trait. He rents a room from an old black lady, who’s a fervent church goer that loves gospel music and hates “hippity-hop”.


Tom Hanks – Clearly NOT a Nigerian Prince.

The house itself also has a basement, which the professor convinces the old lady to allow him to use as a recital space for his “renaissance” ensemble. This crew consists of Gawain, a young black man working on the inside on the casino, The General, a presumably ex-Vietcong tunnel expert/Hitler worshipper, Pancake, an explosives expert with irritable bowel syndrome and Lump, the dum goon. They cart in instruments and basically set up camp, playing one of the most classical pieces ever by Boccherini to disguise their inability to play anything at all.

They actually manage to steal the money, only one by one, they fall foul of fate and ultimately, its the old lady, Mrs. Munson, who outlasts them all.

I’m just hypothesizing here, but if Ladykillers is anything to go by, I’d expect the original to be the film that may have possibly spawned the deadly granny concept, seen in recent films such as Madagascar and its sequel.