I actually shop at more places than just Uniqlo. There’s also Muji for instance. Pricier but better quality, if rather understated in style. When there’s a sale on, I’m surprised people don’t drag shit off the shelves. Not to mention the always interesting food section with stuff like an apple juice drink flavored with perilla (shiso) that made it taste berry-esque. Or the awesome stationery like this dope hexagonal 2 sided pen I scoped. Ultimately, I pulled the trigger on a really solid vegetable peeler for work purposes and a pair of white canvas shoes.

Here’s some other joints that I’m looking forward to visiting if I get the chance. I filtered out quite a buncha stuff, mostly because I’m no longer interested in streetwear stuff. Of which, it must be said, there’s a good amount of here in Singapore. I hope none of these stores have collapsed though.

Blackmarket – they stock Lad Musician and a shitload of local labels according to the website.

Front Row – If only because I want to look at this kooky A.P.C jumpsuit. They probably won’t have it. I also probably will never buy it.

Blackjack/Club 21 – So I can shop for a sugar tai tai.

Style: Nordic – Mainly for Filippa K. I don’t think they have what I’m looking for though.

Asylum – They brought in Chronicles of Never and Diet Butcher Slim Skin. But I’m mostly wanting to ogle some silly, useless objects.

Ambush – Might be interesting since the last time I went there, it was still in Far East and not so nu rave labelled.

I’m sure there’s some more places. I might compile a food list next. All my notes for each place seem to indicate I’m mostly half hearted. I’m expecting all the stores to stock mostly just tees, polos and jeans. I also wanted to mention that I’m disappointed by the selection at the Clarks shop in Suntec. The uncle was pretty nice and helpful though.