The NYT tells me that using inexpensive materials to craft jewellery out of is in vogue. Dispensing with the idea that a ring or a brooch needs to be made of some opulent piece of metal, designers today are looking towards that greener, more responsible outlook in their work.

Janna Syvanoja from Finland basically turns what we all know into reality. That is, painstakingly slicing and twisting recycled paper into parabolic pieces of art is a worthy cause. You can see what she did with my thesis below.

janna syvanoja

Then we have the other school of thought, which is CNC milling pieces of wood into wearable art gets you creepy frozen fungus bracelets. Like Anthony Roussel demonstrates.

anthony roussel

Andi Velgos though. Her stuff is on some next level steez. I got this off sufu and its amayzing. Probably not the most wearable or hardy but so visceral and tactile.

andi velgos 1

andi velgos 2

And if all that’s still not quite what you’re looking for, maybe you live in the 19th century. In which case, these steampunk enabled cufflinks might interest you. That’s just one example from a wealthy catalogue of stuff from edmdesigns.