I don’t normally listen to the radio or even watch the telly. One day I rented a car to move house. 30 bucks a day got me a chance to drive a Yaris and not have to suffer a cabbie. The car just happened to be tuned into this station, which I’d never heard of before.

They played all kinds of good shit even if the DJs sounded like they was high or sum’in. Although, that’s a good thing mind. It’s FBi 94.5FM by the by. They’re also trying to get Richard Branson to give them $1000000 dollars. If you help them, you get $50000.

Which reminds me that I am currently in the process of securing $1000000000 dollars for charitable works. I harvest Nigerian diamonds and its a sorta multi-level sorta thing, only more princely. Did I mention that I got my honorary degree in money from Bernard L. Madoff’s Fynanshull Yookneeversssity? If you want to get behind da cause, pls send monies in various denominations to my paypal. notreallycharitable@all.com