I liking gurl singers right now. Not sewing machines mind. Blonde Redhead, Asobi Seksu, Bat For Lashes, Camera Obscura, Fever Ray, Ladyhawke, Metric, YYY’s… heck, even Royksopp put out an album fulla chicks putting hot air in a mic.

We shud celebrate this with some videos!

Poor Natasha Khan gets molested by people wearing black boobie shaped balloons on their heads in what looks like Maarten Baas’ studio. At least this time she dumps the bike and gets to drive. This indie chick is clearly moving up the social ladder. This track is actually dedicated to The Karate Kid. I kid you not.

Next up is Kazu Makino’s ode to the 23 enigma set to some dreamy swarthescapes. The Redhead have a new LP coming out soonish.

Now we have Tracyanne Campbell going on about some fella from the French Navy. Its got like 2 chords and the verse and the chorus is like the same but its hella breezy.

Karin Dreijer Andersson scares me when she sings but her amazing “hipster shaman chick who ran through a forest in the fall and got attacked by wolves” look really enamours. I also would like to state my disappointment after waiting 4 minutes to find that she doesn’t get into the pool in that vid.

Welcome back 1980s. I missed you. Phillipa Brown talks about Paris burning as she vamps along looking slightly awkward in a Snoopy tee as she gets variously assaulted by feathers, a drunk, sparks and silver flaky stuff. There’s also a wolf! Probably the one that got Karin from before.

Here’s another Japanese babe in a band. Yuki Chikudate alternating between her mother tongue and mine. Um. I meant English.

I tink Sydneyside needs moar gurls lyk deez.