When I was 17, I had this awesome school trip where we went to Sweden and London. Whilst we were in the English capital, we were going shopping for a night out to watch some theatre show. Somebody told me like Electric Blue was the hot color. So I went and bought this godawful cyan and blue striped shirt from Marks & Sparks. It was so terribad you couldn’t imagine how much worse I could make it, until I put on this bright orange tie.

My fashion sensibility hasn’t changed much since then unfortunately. Anyway, I guess, in a roundabout way, I’m just trying to say I like blue with all its connotations of boyishness.

Like this Opening Ceremony Desert Boot. Which makes me wish I was traipsing round Central Park or summat, flush with beautiful wimmins and greenery.


Or mebbe dis pair of Acne Dunes in Blue Fog.