I have no clue why but this cheese smelt like a fish. Mushroomy fish. The rind on the Woodside Charleston has a dry, biscuity aspect and I think my impatience/hunger should have been ignored. I sliced it open about 6 days from the best before date. Shoulda probably left it longer for extra ooziness. I thought it felt wobbly enough though…

Still, its an awesome brie style. Not quite as good as brie de meaux but still really good. Such a salty, density to the flavour. Almost like an anchovy-esque mushroom! But white and creamy smooth meltiness. Texturally, the insides were divine but I felt the mould (which is actually 3 different white moulds) was too distant and felt like it got in the way as I was sloshing the creamy insides around my mouth.

Do note that they make this baby in a coupla sizes. I got the small one so its not quite the same as the larger ones. There might be slight differences in the flavor/maturation and also, the small one has a greater rind to cheese ratio.

I have this urge to make a cream sauce with mushrooms and anchovies now.