Would you rather breathe your chocolate than eat it? Le Whif is a new product that involves an aerosol spray that puts about 50mg of choc powder in your mouth each time you use it. It comes in 4 flavors, including mint, raspberry, mango and just chocolate. Because the entire amount is so small, you consume a negligible amount of calories. So its basically a device that lets you taste chocolate without having to eat it.

I suppose that this is like nicotine patches for chocolate addicted dieters. Only, most people I know who like chocolate disregard the “sinful” nature of the food and wholly engorge themselves upon the decadence before them, be they Snickers or Varlhona.

The main criticism I have for it is that it removes the soul out of the whole process of eating. Instead of making it a process where nourishment is derived from consumption, it becomes a fallacy. Trading flavor for an empty stomach.

Not to mention the fact that you only utilise your tastebuds in the exercise, removing the need for gustatory action or textural delights from eating real chocolate, which is like hello? the best thing evar?

However, it is an interesting point of view, one that suggests the lightest possible way to enjoy flavor, without actually eating much. You lose almost all texture and feel but you taste something. Which is great if you are inquiring as to the flavor. Not necessarily the overall experience. What if you could turn this into a sort of flavor sampler thingamajig? Like for flashy restaurants where customers get bamboozled when they see a jumble of French terms on menus.