I just caught this awesome sauce brovie. Which is a bro-movie of course, like a chick flick but laughs instead of tears n swooning. Guffaws really. It’s called The Hangover and it’s directed by Todd Phillips.

3 guys and their best bud who’s getting married decide to go to Vegas for a bachelor party. Only they wake up the day after totally hungover and the groom has disappeared. There’s also a couch that’s still smoking, trashed tvs, a baby in the closet and a tiger in the bathroom. From there, they try to retrace their steps and find their friend, hopefully before the wedding in LA starts.

It’s this slow reveal that helps the story chug along, with gags galore involving a lost tooth and date rape pills among other things. Like learning that the tiger belonged to Mike Tyson. Or that they traded their Mercedes for a police patrol car. Or that one of the guys got married to a stripper (Heather Graham looking resplendent as usual).

The show stopper for me was Ken Jeong’s character, a short little Asian guy who pops out of a car trunk naked before proceeding to beat the shit out of the 3 protagonists. The title for this post comes from the man himself and was my personal highlight in the film. You don’t get to see him in the trailer but that’s good cos you should watch it in the cinema. Trust.