So I was at the supermarket and they had these little cryovaced pieces of meat in packaging that was a different color than the usual. The labels on them said Macro Meats. The offerings weren’t beef or chicken but goat and venison.

Which flashbacked into this time when I devoured a spoonful of Woodside Goat’s Curd at work. Texturally, it was more akin to creme fraiche or a thick whipped cream. Flavor wise, it wasn’t densely muttony or strong. It had that as a bit of a kick in the aftertaste but the general feeling was a bright and fresh creaminess. So I figured that yes I must have goat meat with some goat’s curd. I settled on Meredith Dairy‘s Goat’s Curd which is superb and kinda lemony.

I decided I’d go with some mushrooms, which are plentiful at the mo, sauteed them off before mixing it up with the curd. Then I seared off the goat fillet (there were 2 pieces), before making a stack with the curd + mushrooms in between. This went into the oven, as I sauteed the spinach off in some butter and rehydrated some cous cous with veg stock. The result was the curd melted and combined with the mushroom juices and gave the dry-ish meat some moisture. I also sliced off a small chunk of the raw fillet and it tasted like deeper, more involved lamb. It’s also hella chewier.

Maybe the choice of ingredients doesn’t make a lot of sense culturally. Still, it tasted gud. Everything went superbly together. The spinach bright and green against the cous cous, which is something I’m really growing to love. What with the 5 minute cooking time and all that. Still the clincher was the curd. I was licking the plate.