Summer’s a few months away and I’m not particularly looking forward to its return quite just yet. Something to do with the heat and flies you see. I like cold weather. I gets to wear more clothez. However, sometimes, certain objects are powerful enough to make you wish the seasons could flip on a dime. Like these awesome handmade in Maine, Quoddy boat shoes. Just think, stroking my beard with some whiskey ON A BOAT! ON A BOAT! ON A !*($&(*ING BOAT! feat. T-Pain yo.

Only a few months previous, these same shoes retailed at a ludicrously low amount and demand from the fashion set got so big that they had to hire more workers and raise prices. And they keep flying off the shelves anyway. Still, they probably make some of the finest moccasins around (everything is still small scale and completely handmade) and if you order from the online store, its supposed to take like one to two months to get to you because they do it to order. Or you could plump for one of the many collaborative efforts Quoddy puts out with various stores/brands like South Willard or Albam, which would see the time lapse cut short drastically and proffer some unique options.


How dope is dat brown jawn.