Ok so udda night, I was chillin’ with sum homies and we wuz drinkin dem sojus den one of my frenz pulls out a frozone bottle of majik Korean elixir of beatuy. (Becos wen u driunk, you can’et see shiz) Den she like smacks the bottom one time and bam, the top shiz is lyk frozen. And den she pour me out a slushie. A soju slushie. I puked like a bitch after we reach da 15th bottle. Or carton. I can’t member.

I think its likely due to the agitation caused by the violent striking, causing carbon dioxide to be released from what used to be a previously still bottle of soju. The soju itself, of course, is around 12% alcohol or so, I’m underestimating but bear with me. The alcohol causes the freezing temperature of the liquid to drop well below the -18 degrees celsius most common commercial freezers drop to. Thus, it remains in a liquid form. However, when the carbon dioxide is released after the bottle is hit, it creates a sort of precipitation device for the water molecules within the liquid to crystallize around, hence “freezing” if you will. Sort of like how snow would form in cold weather. I am also of the firm belief that everything I have spoke thus far is utter rubbish, whether it was grammatical or otherwise. However, I would like to state, for the record, that soju slushies, are da shiznit.