OMFG, I just sliced open a Woodside McClaren that’s one day past its best before date and this happened.


So I went to the larder, pulled out two slices of bread to make some toast. Cos I am slurping all dat UP. I was surprised to find this in Coles, of all places. At 17 bucks, it wasn’t cheap either but I flipped it over and saw that it was right on the best before date, which meant it was ultra ripe. I squeezed the sides and ooh, soft like a booby. I knew it was gonna be golden. So I waited an extra day before plunging the knife, spilling its guts. Even before I did that, it was starting to fall apart as I opened the packaging. I slipped a bit and the whole little block contorted into some ovaloid shapey thing, like when you know tennis balls get hit. Luckily, I plopped it unceremoniously onto a waiting plate.

This baby is the shit. It’s like freakin’ ultra cream cheese. With some rind. The McClaren is supposed to be a Camembert style, made with cow’s milk. To me, its more of a Philadelphia style. On crack cocaine. Or something.

Delish. I highly recommend eating about 3 or 4 days prior to best before so you get some texture. Or if you like cheese dripping out of a hollow rind like custard, all smooth and shiny, you can do as I did.