Ooh, here’s a good one. It’s an anime that came out back in 2006. Tekkonkinkreet is the story of a pair of street urchins who rule the backstreets of Treasure Town, side by side with the yakuza. Even the police recognise them as a force to be reckoned with. Black, is the older of the two and like his name suggests, is the  darker, serious and more responsible one. He takes care of White, who’s younger, more carefree and innocent. Together, they’re like yin and yang, balanced in harmony and they call themselves The Cats.

An evil yakuza/amusement park developer dude called Snake comes into town and manages to convince the local yakuza to bow to his vision of progress and development. This includes building a brand new amusement park in Treasure Town, eroding away the very essence that makes Treasure Town Treasure Town. Snake wants to take over the place and turn it into his own joint, a soulless, corporate everytown that’s just another money spinner for the greedy mob bosses. He’s got 3 goons with him, robotic and probably German, that are assigned to assasinate The Cats, who represent the last vestige of vitality and innocence that is Treasure Town. In amongst this is also the side story involving an older yakuza head trying to guide his protege and doing it Obi-Wan style. Ultimately, it’s about the reality of life and that pursuit of money that chips away the values that make us human.

It is superbly crafted, chock fulla action and absolutely beautiful. The animation is slick and stylish with loads of awesome action shots. The protagonists literally bounce around the screen, defying gravity and defying logic. It’s a fantasy set in ultra detailed Japanese alleyways, in a town that’s a perpetual Disneyland, colored with the paraphernalia that you’d expect from a Miyazaki fantasy on acid. Director Michael Arias based the film on the comic by Taiyo Matsumoto and the art is a riot of color, bright and delirious. This is juxtaposed by the dream/fantasy sequences which sway and swirl in washed out, brushy drawings like that of a child.

Check the trailer for less gibberish moar visuals.