The label read $9.99 but something didn’t compute. It said Rouzaire on the label. Camembert. From France. For $10 buckeroos. Half price. Let’s just forget that I’m indulging in a poncified gastronomic exercise for once and just eat the damn thing. Mmm. Tasty. It’s not melted like the last cheese I had but still delightfully mature and soft, creamy in the middle. The rind crusty and brittle, biscuity and fades into a kind of mash. The cheese is deep, earthy and greige, if it was a flavor. It’s similar to the pasteurized Brie I had before from them but stronger, more intense. Pretty damn good.

Now if only the good brie and the brillat savarin or some of the roquefort/gorgonz/stilty went on sale too.

rouzaire camembert

rouzaire camembert 2