The mother of all tripels. The first one to use the term to denote a strong pale ale. I had a glass at the Belgian Beer Cafe and it was marvellous. Deep golden in color with a cloudy appearance, it started off matte then brightened with strong fruit/floral flavor and aroma and dissipated into the long hoppy finish. The Westmalle Tripel is definitely one of the finest beers I’ve had to date. At $14.20, it felt like value for money, what with the 9.5 % alcohol that sat deceptively within the delicious liquor. The beer also came in a nice goblet that had this pattern debossed on the side, some leaves and a fleur de lys or something like that. My mate called it a pair of nuts and a stick and I concurred.

On a side note, this was my second visit to the joint. Previously I had the superb Orval and their specialty, mussels. This time round, we were told the mussels were all gone and we had to wait 40 minutes for a pathetic plate of cheese balls. During which time, I wondered why my 4 beers cost me more than it should. I promptly went to the bar and went to check things out. The babe behind was totally nice or I think I was smitten or something. I can’t remember although i totally remember her face and how nice she was, smiling and stuff. I should go back. For the awesome beers of course. Oh and uh, on Wednesdays, mussels are half price, which is why they were all out today. October is coming after all and German beer is weak compared to the Belgian variety. Yes, I’m going for another round next week and a phone number on the side.