When will I learn?!?? I bought this baby from the supermarket see but I was hungry this morning so I unwrapped it  with the intention of consuming it. Now Munsters are supposed to be the stinkiest cheeses around. Mine wasn’t that bad, which meant it probably wasn’t ripe enough. It did smell like piss when I lifted it to my nose.

munster 2

I cut in and this is what I got. A washed rind soft cheese, it was just a little too simple but altogether easily agreeable despite the piss smell and the ammonia. The rind was really sticky and I think I’m getting Munster goop on my keyboard now. Interior was soft and slightly creamy. I reckon the small one isn’t gonna be as powerful as the full sized Munster. Should have waited a week. I really need to suppress the glutton in me.

munster 3