I just got this shirt and 3 others in the mail like 2 days ago. I have to say the fit is sex. So slim and perfect in the shoulders, arms… It’s like Jil Sander measured my body or something I dunno. Also really love the cute small collar and the fabric, omg, feels so much better than the paltry $50/60 bucks I forked over suggests. Wear it tucked in formal with some chinos or tucked out with skinny jeans or maybe even some neutral colors/khaki/khaki green for the boomz. I await the S/S collection with bated breath. Didn’t take long for me to jump on the stretch satin pants/chinos given the quality of the shirt. It’s freakin’ amaze base for the money, bang for yo buck, lotsa mileage and in these cost conscious times, it makes perfect sense.

Fast fashion for less, constructed well, good materials, amazing fit… This is seriously next level Uniqlo, pushing the bar hella high right now Ms. Sander is. Dope dope dope.