My friend was to lazy to get out of bed to return my camera. So I had to like um tilt my screen and use photo booth. It was a horrible experience cos all the sauce was pooling toward my computer. Anyway, I got the ugly ass shot but I loved the dish so who cares.

rabbit & carrot

I bought this tiny little rabbit from Coles for like $6 (Macro Meats bargain hello?), cut off its legs and confited them together with some thyme, garlic and tomatoes. Lifting each ingredient out as it cooked and reheating before I served. Then I dumped the bones into a pot and made a stew with some carrots and onions, tomato trimmings, and more thyme. So I fried that off and deglazed with some crappy pinot I had leftover. Then I added veg stock and the rabbit saddles and fillets, brought it to a boil and turned the heat off for like 30 minutes or so. I suck at prepping the rabbit, which is why it looks so ugly. I gotta buy more rabbits.

Then, I used my peeler to make carrot “fettucine”, blanched that off in the stock very briefly and piled it up below the confit leg, along which I put this quarter of tomato. If you notice, there’s 2 ribbons of carrot I left outside to house these weird grey things. They were the rabbit kidneys which I poached again very quickly in the confit oil. Nice and smooth but not quite melty enough. Then I piled the rabbit fillet and spooned some sauce over, garnished with some thyme, paprika, nutmeg and pine nuts. Oh I left out the nicely turned, extra long al dente carrot.

The dish was mostly inspired by my last trip to Asiette where I thought that their rabbit terrine with textures of carrot was highly amusing. So I actually wanted to do something similar. I didn’t make a good enough carrot puree, which I think the dish really needs to lighten it up. All in all though I liked the rustickyness of the stew. It was just a touch greasy (I could feel it on the lips) but the sauce was really good, brightened up with some balsamic vinegar and it had a really lovely floral accent from the thyme. Love the rabbit. It’s got this really faint sweetness which I think goes really good with the crunchy carrot. I can see why a terrine presents better. Even if the leg looked real nice, it still had the bone in and with the saddle and fillets. Maybe I could bone it all and make a log and slice it up later or something. That way you get nice circles and you can stuff shit in the middle for contrast.

Now I just need to get my goddamn camera back.

Oh I forgot dessert, Maggie Beer’s Burnt Fig, Caramel & Honeycomb with Toast.