One of the things I love about proxying stuff from overseas is ripping up the boxes and packages when you receive them. Kinda like pressies you send yourself hahaha. It’s that kid on x’mas morning steez I’m talking about. The latest one I got is my supplementary Uniqlo supply and I find myself best pleased with what I got.

The first thing I found on top were the U+J chinos, which were slightly shiny because it’s very slight stretch satin and they fit awesome. I was really worried about these ones cos I’ve got thunder thighs and anyone who’s played footie with me would probably attest to that. Thank god I got in and they don’t squeeze anything either, if you know what I mean. I just need maybe an inch or two off the hem. I like the black piping hiding the stitching on the inside and the black herringbone stripe pockets, great contrast with the khaki.

The second object I found was the long sleeved tee, which also fit fine but I’m not sure it’s really my style. Probably gonna use it as a layering piece in wintertime. Love the raw hems. If it were transparent, it could pass off as a slightly more structured Rick Owens kinda thing.

Then I plucked out the Kiminori Morishita Parka I posted before. It’s browner than I thought but It’s super awesome. I am amazed at how an item that costs me $100 after shipping and fees is produced so well and packed so well. For starters, the zipper had this little bit of plastic trim to protect the fabric from getting scratched. In fact, all the buttons came with some plastic  sheathing to protect the buttons. Whilst it probably doesn’t make that much difference and it doesn’t cost that much, it still took someone time and money and the desire to put little bits of plastic to try to ensure that the sub $100 item gets to its customer as perfect as possible. Then there’s the super details on the jacket itself. It comes with a zip flap to hide the buttons and zipper. That flap is double lined. One lining is for the buttons and the top piece covers it. To make sure the top piece ain’t flapping around, exposing the buttons and defeating the purpose, it’s sorta sectioned off and held down by some stitching which is barely noticeable. The arms have got 2 little darts where the elbows are, which accentuates the sleeves when you bend your arms. If they weren’t there, there’d be more fabric bunching, which is undesirable. The pockets come with fleece lining so they feel super soft and warm and comfy. Imagine the middle of winter and you stick your hands in. The stitching overall also looks and feels solid when you tug and pull. I cannot believe that this was 5990 yen on sale in Japan when I snapped it up. Best value parka ever and I will never freeze to death with the fur lined hood and quilted interior. At least not in Sydney anyway.