The term providore is like really trendy now. As in, if you flipped through the pages of Good Living, the Sydney Morning Herald’s Tuesday supplement for all things food related, you’d probably read it 21287 times in a sentence. So I had this tiny little bit of the creeps when I was walking to find Fourth Village Providore in Mosman. I was afraid it was going to be this overpriced beast of a retail store filled with yuppie scum who make espuma sandwiches on Saturday evenings to impress girls. Then I realized I was a wannabe yuppie scum that wanted to make espuma sandwiches to impress my tummy and duly walked in the door.

The place is located off the main road and on a quieter side street. You can tell from the off that Italian products are big there. A huge wall of risottos and pastas in all kinds of shapes, cannolis packed in boxes, sauces and an array of prosciutto hanging behind a counter. But I was here for the cheese. Which I found and was impressed with. They have a very good selection of local and imported cheeses, including some which they proudly announce as being in Australia for the first time. I also loved the fact that my favorite crackers from the Fine Cheese Co were like, on sale, at $6.50.

There wasn’t anyone to help me out in the cold and musty cheese room and I suppose an Asian “kid” wearing a cap with slim jeans and sneakers doesn’t look like your average wannabe gourmand. Anyway, I chanced upon a real camembert. A petit camembert from Isigny Ste Mere, in Normandy. Which I look forward to. It’s actually warming up next to me right now.

It’s certainly not your run of the mill deli and I reckon it would give Simon Johnson etc a decent run for their money. At the very least, it’s like on the way to work for me. I’m certainly returning for more merch in the near future.