My parents’ visit provided the perfect opportunity to fleece them and expand my food universe. I brought them to Single Origin & Campos for Coffee, a decent butcher in Hudson Meats, Chef’s Warehouse, T2, Garfish for more fish and il Baretto for Duck Ragu Papardelle. (Haha! Everything’s food related!) Yet, to me, the highlight was Formaggi Ocello‘s outlet in Surry Hills. An Italian cheesemonger, it was superbly stocked with hard and soft and blue and washed cheeses that I’ve never even heard of, nevermind smelt or tasted. I finally did get the chance at last. Beautiful Pecorino with Truffles was heaven. Returning soon for more smelly action. They also stock all the good Oz/European stuff as well as some other deli stuffs. But the Italian cheeses are the stars of the show.

formaggi ocello