In Heston Blumenthal’s The Fat Duck, they serve a dish of fish, usually salmon that’s been slow cooked then coated with liquorice and served with some sauces. One of the garnishes is the individual sacs of a grapefruit. The other day, I thought I’d try to separate the individual sacs of a grapefruit, just for kicks.

The dish I served it with was a version of the Thai pomelo salad, subbing grapefruit instead of pomelo, and with grilled prawns, cucumber ribbons, deep fried shallots, peanuts, mint puree and a dressing. My god! It isn’t easy. With stubby fingers, you’ll probably break half the sacs. Because a grapefruit isn’t as dry as a pomelo, it’s hard to pry away the rind from the flesh to begin with. After that, you really need to pay close attention to gently lifting away the individual sacs. I pretty much did like a quarter of the grapefruit useable. I ate another quarter and juiced the rest for my dressing. At The Fat Duck, I can see how torturous it would be to do 4 whole grapefruit.


Looks real pretty though and I like that you get the individual sacs. With whole filleted segments in a more traditional style, you don’t quite appreciate the bursty nature of citrus fruits. Also, if i ever saw this on a plate, I’ll know that some poor sod somewhere slaved over this.