It’s that time of the year when my banged up Sony Ericsson looks like it needs an overhaul. Well, I usually swop phones like once every 2-3 years unlike most other peeps and only if I see something passable. Which is usually a Sony Ericsson cos I can’t use Japan only phones and Blackberries and iPhones are overpriced and way too ubiquitous. So I willingly choose to struggle with slow as crap OSes and whatever other problems my phones tend to have.

I’ve always been a Sony fan ever since Walkmen came out, it’s like the one branch of techy Jap mecha style design I actually like. Good thing they’ve decided to launch a whole slew of new, sleek phones. The Aino is compatible with the PS3, able to run media off it as well as act as a remote on/off switch. Not much point and I haven’t got a PS3 but I might be able to screw a friend over or something. The Satio is the top end entertainment phone but I really don’t need all the extra megapixels and etc. The X2 is the next level Xperia smartphone which I like cos it’s got the full qwerty keyboard. I’ve been spoiled by my current phone that also has one. There’s also a few other new ones but they don’t really interest me aesthetically but suffice to say, there’s another walkman/youth type phone and a next next level smartphone.


The Aino comes with a dock and looks like sex, but it’s a slider. Which is not really me. I’ll have to feel it in person and hopefully there’s no ugly exposed screws and they paid some attention to what it looks like opened up,


The Satio looks good too, especially the 3 wavy buttons on the bottom/right depending on your orientation. But I’m not keen to splash 1k on extra functions I don’t need. Why don’t people make phones that just call and message anyway?


The X2 though, with it’s full keyboard side slider design makes me a hypocrite cos I really don’t need a smartphone right now but I’d love a phone with a full keyboard.

In summary, I’d like Naoto Fukasawa to work with Sony Ericsson and make me a cubey type, tactile little clamshell phone with no camera, no extraneous functionality beyond the classic concept of a mobile phone. See Nokia 8250/Startac etc. Hmm maybe I should just get an old phone.