I’ve been trying to get my wine game up for ages. But it’s tough when you’re like, living alone. I typically dunk a bottle down across 2 nights in the name of research and I try to do like a bottle or two a week.

So far, I’ve had a horrendously insipid Beaujolais and a terribly bland Pinot, both stupidly overpriced around the $20 mark. Those were like the official DIY (drink it yourself) testing specimens. I can duly note that I’ve had some decent wines, albeit mostly from New Zealand that weren’t DIY lol! But in the quest for professionalism, I went and got myself James Halliday’s wine companion and promptly got a Yalumba Y Series Voignier. Which is pleasant. I’m not quite sure what to make of it. Light golden in color, fringed with green, it smells barely asphalty and very peachy.

Taste wise, you’d think it was going to be sweet, but turns out it’s pretty dry, with a good crisp finish. Not my favourite style of white but certainly a good one. The 2008 vintage which I had, scored a 93 and placed amongst the 10 best value wines under $20. I paid $13 for mine, a good price for a good wine. I’d eat a spicy Thai duck salad drenched with palm sugar caramel or something with this instead of the roast pork/char siew combo I had. It’s not really spectacular but you can’t complain at all considering the price. It’s good value. Very drinkable and pretty high in alcohol. I’m sort of swaying a bit typing this right now.

Next up, I reckon I’ll just do a bottle that’s been sitting around for ages, a Shiraz Grenache from Wyndham Estate. It’s something I bought on a trip to the Hunter Valley like 1.5 years ago! And apparently, it was rated pretty well by Huon Hooke, a well known wine critic dude. I remember liking because it felt a lot softer than pure Shiraz, which I never really like because it’s so peppery. Although its more of a winter complement. We’ll see.