I got my B&J’s on yo. Ben & Jerry’s is open in Manly right near the beach and there was like a long line, so long I didn’t wanna wait but I had some the udder day. Cherry Garcia and Chunky Monkey! How I’ve missed you! They’ve actually got this cool new flavour to tie in with the launch of the new shop. It’s malt ice cream with peanut butter cookie dough and peanut butter swirls. There’s a contest on now to name it. Yum.

You can also kop some B&J’s at select delis around town. But seriously, I mean you can get B&J’s from the bloody Shell station back in Singapore. I mean, the only competition they have in their segment is like no one. The only other good ice creams in Sydney are Maggie Beer, Gundowring and Serendipity. They all cost a fair amount but B&J’s is the funnest and most accessible. They should smash the Oz market. I actually thought I would find a B&J’s esque ice cream here but I was surprised to find screw all. The adult segment is well covered but mainly because the companies service restaurants. The kid’s segment get’s all crap stuff that’s cheap and doesn’t even taste good in the cheap and nasty segment. Thank god for the Americans.