Bill Granger‘s breakfast is an iconic Sydney experience. The popular TV chef has got like 3000 stores all over Darlinghurst, Surry Hills and Woollahra as well as a new joint in Japan. Famous for his scrambled eggs, sweet corn fritters and ricotta hotcakes, it seemed to be providence that decided I would be in a party of 3, able to savour each individual delight.

Is the hype worth it? Well, Bill ain’t Ferran. He’s not doing anything drastically different. He is making great scrambled eggs, sweet corn fritters and ricotta hotcakes though. The restaurant itself and the whole lifestyle around it is what makes it great. We arrived at 10 or so, a popular time for peeps sleeping in on Sundays so we had to wait like 20 minutes but there were others in the same situation who seemed more than happy to do so. It’s lazy Sunday breakfast concept, only way steezier with the polished wood floors and well selected furniture and a nice big mirror. Walk in and you also get this large communal table where you can eat with strangers. There’s plenty chatter and a near tranquility to things.

Check out the nondescript little logo on the bottom of the window. That’s Bills and that’s it. It’s easy to dismiss it as a well dressed cafe but a sense of style and the ease of which things are carried out can turn an ordinary breakfast into an amazing one. Whilst I don’t think what I ate was supreme, it was really good. Really good. I had a chocolate that came with Callebaut buttons on the bottom and foamed milk on top that I stirred together. My brother had a sunrise drink with a berry twist to an OJ.

The scrambled eggs is famous. It’s got great texture, light, fluffy and breaks apart easily in the mouth. It’s a really good version of a dish that I always have trouble associating because a good scramble is so hard to define. I still don’t know what it really is but this has to be bloody close. If you have one dish here, get the scrambled eggs. It’s subtle, simple and very elegant in taste and texture. However, I think it’s really not that far away from most other cafes. They’re just a good notch or 3 above the competition. Definitely the best scrambled eggs I’ve had thus far.

Sweet Corn Fritters were great too. They came with some bacon and tomatoes and stuff. The fritter was fried nicely and tasted great, with lots of interesting bits and bobs inside. The dish itself is kinda unique, I suppose, for breakfast.

I actually had the hotcakes all to myself, whilst the other dishes I stole bits off my mom and bro’s plates. The ricotta hotcakes were light and fluffy, although it still retains this poofy pancake aspect that I tend to dislike, the fact that it alls gets too much halfway through. I believe the proper term is jelat. There was also a nice honeycomb butter although I don’t get the name. I mean, it ain’t a honeycomb if it ain’t got no honeycombs is it? It’s a caramelly syrup is what it is.

Overall, I thought the breakfast was good. Was it worth it? Maybe. If I was someone who lived around the place and could afford steezy brekkies, then maybe.