Whilst I’m probably gonna cop a ToJ wallet, I really appreciate the design sensibility in the stuff MAKR puts out. Their One wallet is just a simple little card case made out of top quality leather but with the opening cut in such a way as to “mimic the natural position of thumb and forefinger when removing cards”.

The Angle wallet is similar, a card case wallet with the top corner lopped off. The detail being if you apply pressure to the curved side, it makes it easy to fan out your cards and pick the right one.

This subtlety is what takes their stuff to the next level. The style of wallet is also unconventional. At present, they don’t make anything with billfolds or card slots. Just bare space and quality leather. Ok they do have the Two wallet, which has 2 sides and a long wallet which has something like card slots but it’s nothing like what you normally expect. Check out their signature Flap Wallet in Horween Ox Blood Chromexcel.

I never thought a workwear style could be minimal.