Everytime I’ve been cooking for friends, I’ve improved my kit. So far, other than my knives and miscellaneous gear like my Muji swivel peeler or Microplane, I’ve bought myself a Japanese plastic mandoline as well as an iSi Cream Whipper and a nice little Sievert Handyjet blowtorch. Every new piece of kit, I find myself constantly using, thinking about process after process and how I could play around with stuff. Of course, I don’t have the benefit of doing this super regularly due to cost constraints but it’s mostly really about opportunities. It’s kinda senseless for me to make up a batch of durian foam just on a whim. Although that sounds awesome. A durian meringue that gets blasted with a torch and garnished with frozen durian slices.

Anyway. There’s plenty more kit I wanna kop. Most of it out of reach at present. Like a Pacojet or a Thermomix or a proper piece of sous vide kit like something from Polyscience. Plus a vacuum sealer to go with that too or their Anti Griddle that freezes instead of heats. I’m also dying for a nice coffee machine and a Kitchenaid.

There’s some stuff that’s just a little out of reach, like an Excalibur dehydrator or maybe a small deep fryer. Or maybe a rice cooker x sous vide magic setup with a fish pump. That last one’s probably very doable.

I’d also love some old school kit as well, like a nice terrine mould or an array of dessert moulds, from logs to pyramids to cylinders or whatever. A solid block of cedar for BBQs, a BBQ, a pizza stone, a nice iron cast wok, one of those Japanese pickling container things…

Or maybe I should just get that little fun kit for spherifications. It’s like $30 from Amazon.

But probably, I’m gonna run with Polyscience’s Smoking Gun. An interesting bit of kit that basically infuses food with smoked flavors without needing any heat.