Just 4 weeks old, Absinthe Salon is a brand spankin’ new joint in Surry Hills that has just enough boho chic plus interesting novelty factor to be a hip place to visit just because.

Open from 4pm to 10pm Tuesday to Sunday, it seats 30 people max which keeps it small and cosy and intensely friendly. We actually got there at 10:10 but the owner still let us in for one drink each. Super nice of them. They also were totally nice, informative and completely unpretentious.

I like that they also close at 10pm. Which deters the drunk allsorts you might get at other bars. This adds onto the lovely atmosphere where alcohol induced conversation can tend to a more sentient type that differs from talk of tits and ass. Another nice touch is the semi boho decor with a fake palm leaf in the corner plus the damask wallpaper and nice black and white rattan chairs or the fact that each table had a completely different water drip thingamajig for the absinthe and different glasses for each person.

I also got totally schooled in absinthe appreciation. The 3 main ingredients of wormwood, fennel and green anise and that you don’t actually flambe that shit. You let the tap on a slow drip to dissolve some sugar and “louche” the absinthe. Totally cool shit that whilst novel, also has the weight of culture and history attached to it. I also appreciated that cliches that I’m totally used to and think of like van Gogh are completely abstained from. They actually only talk about the absinthe, which also happened to be superb.

We got to try 4 different ones. 2 Swiss, 1 French and a superbly interesting Spanish one with eccentric herbal, floral notes. The French was a flat anise flavor. One Swiss was alcohol and alcohol and the other Swiss was a very chuggable median absinthe. That last one also happened to be my glass, hehe.

Totally recommended if you’re around the area and up for some glorious laughs and convo.

Absinthe Salon
87 Albion Street
Surry Hills NSW 2010
02 9211 6632