Instead of dropping wads on Luxottica labeled glasses, I’ve turned to dropping near nothing on some decently made frames online sent to my door. This blog has all the discount codes and extra discount links you’ll need for a variety of websites that make glasses on the cheap, complete pairs available for under $20 delivered in some instances.

My last one was rather impressive, via I managed to get some buy 1 get 1 free coupon from the blog, placed an order on 22nd Dec and received them yesterday, 29th Dec. A week. That is insane fast shipping. It also came with sturdy boxes and cleaning cloths. Even the packaging was decent and they used DHL. The glasses themselves? Two pairs cost me under $70. Both felt really good. Like solid good. The hinges were pretty decent, with a bit of a spring to it and the acetate felt like good stuff. Fit wise, I knew they were going to be ok based on their measurements but it’s always a little hit and miss. Still, I managed to score 2 pairs that I think fit good and are well made and incredibly cheap.

All you really need is a prescription from your optician, a set of measurements of your favorite pair of existing glasses (eye width, bridge, length, eye height etc) and the willingness to accept that stuff made and sent from China/Pakistan etc can be totally legit.

I got the Babbitt, a chunky style in black and the Humphries, a lightweight style in a shade of amber. Both came with anti reflective coating.