This is a recipe for a red wine syrup I made the other day. It was intended to replicate the same syrup served with a panna cotta at il Baretto. Unfortunately, I think we managed to break that entirely and ended up with a beastly glaze that is superb.

250ml red wine, use something cheap, a shiraz is good for the pepperiness
100g caster sugar
1 star anise
1 stick cinnamon
3 cloves
lemon rind
lemon juice
combine the wine, sugar, spices and lemon rind together in a small pot. reduce slowly over medium low heat until it reaches a syrupy consistency. taste and adjust with a squeeze of lemon juice to regulate the acidity. the syrup will thicken a little more as it’s still warm so once it’s done, stop heating immediately.

The main difference is that we put in lemon rind that gives it additional acid kick. I find this essential because the syrup is thick and sweet so a tiny amount of acidity helps. It also depends on the wine that you used to begin with. We had the weirdest bottle of shiraz from Penfolds bottled for the Singapore Army. Worked wonders.

It’s usually a sauce that compliments a dish but in this case, a simple red wine reduction needs things to complement it instead. You can go with the og panna cotta steez or even do like I did, with some caramelized blood plums and nothing else. Or put all three together.