I can’t believe I took 18 years to get into Slowdive. I mean they came out when I was like 11. It’s so me. Slow, mournful, melancholic and melodic. Really like their ’94 album Souvlaki, which is probably totally unsuccessful because it was so anti trend at the time, going against the Britpop wave. Their music would fit perfectly into a film about romance and trains if Wong Kar Wai & Christopher Doyle shot one. Cue shot of Tony Leung staring out into the countryside somewhere in Europe. Cue cross 180 degree line shot of Maggie Cheung staring towards the “other” direction, both seemingly heading towards and away from each other, perfectly alluding to the emotional relationship between them.

Standout tracks for me, first one on repeat status.

Machine Gun


When The Sun Hits