I’m not quite sure what to make of a new year. I’ve settled down into my new job, pretty much able to handle most of it within 2 weeks, which I think is pretty ok considering I have scant little experience. My colleagues seem to like and trust me. Case in point, I’ve cooked like 4 staff meals over 10 days. Most of the time, it’s just chips and steak tho! I threw down some “Asian” noodles with oyster/soy/sesame combo twice, a goto noodle sauce I got from my mother. Thanks mom! I probably got the shift the first time cos they wanted to check me out. I was kinda freakin’ out about it in fact, right before I went to work, like a what the hell am I gonna cook if I got to make staff meal??? Then afterwards, it became more like, oh hey he can do it and it’s alright so yea.

We did a weird service last night on NYE. It was 168 booked for a 82 seater restaurant. This means 2 sittings over 4 hours with 5 chefs slaving over the stoves or in my case, the fryer and larder. 154 people turned up but we were fully booked for the most part. It was the busiest service by numbers I’d done thus far. It hardly felt like that at all. Must be a good thing because we hardly missed a beat or an order and I wasted like 1 serve of chips at most. Just driven and focused. Prepared.

I’m sad grandma passed of course. It’s not something I’d expected. I always thought I’d go back one more time, something like that. I guess life doesn’t wait for you to pick yourself up. In a sense, it’s a semi-harsh reminder to get ready for the future.

Still, I’m looking forward to the new year, looking forward to going back to Singapore in March, maybe/hopefully renting a new place with my friends sometime in February for that steezy life we’ve been wanting and chasing them dollars.

What 2010 will hold I don’t quite know. I’m getting real proper experience now. Just working in a busy, successful (when we’re not busy, we do like 50/60 covers a shift, enough to post a profit) restaurant is definitely helping me to gain good insight into the inner workings of the biz. My workplace is interesting because we serve really simple, honest food. Fish + Starch/Salad for like $25-$30. It ain’t cheap but it pulls people in droves. I gotta figure out why and how. 2011 is the supposed scheduled opening date of a hole in the wall cafe somewhere by me+friends. We’ll see how that happens lol!

I’ll be 31 by then! Yet I still feel like one big kid, doing stuff that I like and pretty much nothing else, taking my time and enjoying myself. Friends around me have all gotten hooked up, having babies and making good money and I’m like starting out in every department hahaha.

Happy New Year to one and all.