Some Temple Of Jawnz shit that I want to kop but can’t because I need to chase dat money. The ToJ is the same little company workin’ outta S. Korea that I bought a kickass varsity jacket from. They’ve since grown to become a 3 man operation and have released a whole host of items, from a reversible varsity to a winter weight varsity as well as some kickass leather jackets, an oxford cloth button down, a peacoat, wallets, a daypack, an MA-1 and a Harrington which I missed last time out.

There’s plenty more on the way, like a duffle coat and many possibilities including shoes, shirts, pants, jeans etc. The interesting thing is that it’s a company born out of the internet and formed in part by the input from people around the globe. A really good designer/client relationship is built up in this way, so much so that some dudes are getting rather fanatical about things. Even the website I linked is an unofficial fansite. Still, it’s hard to deny the quality on offer versus the price you’re paying not to mention the fact that you have the ability to customize things to your liking. Which is why I’m constantly lusting after one new thing or the other, only I have to be specific because it’s not the only thing I like as well. So I gots to pick and choose.

Daypack. It’s pictured in black suede but I’d like a light grey suede with white zips. Nice and slouchy. Pricey at $275 though.

Leather A2 Bomber. In black washed lamb leather, with black trim and smaller, angled slit pockets. This baby fits super slim. $550 but it is a leather jacket.