Just got home from the YYYs concert at Hordern Pavilion. Didn’t have a camera with me so I couldn’t document it like usual. However, it allowed me to enjoy the thing thoroughly instead. Well, enjoy elbowing short girls in the back because they were jumping round like retards at the start when Karen O launched into her cover of LL Cool J’s Phenomenon, Phenomena. I must be getting old.

The concert was awesome though. The opening act was meh and we arrived at 7ish and waited in line to get in before waiting some more for the opening act and then waiting in between some music that ranged from Mos Def and Wu-Tang to some shit that could pass off as an ad for a Zimbabwean safari concept. Then there was this extremely long sequence that had a loud, low tone addled with yelps from a woman.

Not long after, Brian Chase and Nick Zinner pop out to cheers and finally Karen steps out in a crazy ultra nu-rave outfit. Which were to be the highlight, for they were plural. She had like costume changes and everything was bright and detailed and insane. One outfit included a poncho/scarf/hat thing that she draped and twirled and took off and took on and posed with. Another included a hat made out of x’mas balls and a shoulder wrap/shawl thing made outta glittery feathery x’mas decor stuffs. There was also an awesome pink glow in the dark mask made out of a long line curled into a spiral with the end looking like a pig’s nose as well as a American Indian chieftain shape hat with cartoon hands and a shitload of other stuff. She also put on a leather jacket for Zero when she sang, “Get your leather, leather, leather on, on, on, on.” Christian Joy’s shit is uber DIY indie chic.

The performance was superb. Karen was jumping incessantly, smiling like a child and posing like mad. She’d hold the mic (it was her fave prop) at the base vertically with her hand either aloft or in front completely still, in dramatic pose. This was matched by Brian Chase holding his drumsticks still and Nick Zinner standing completely still before they launched into one track.

One of the highlights was an acoustic version of everyone’s fave, Maps. Goosebumps concept. Karen launched into a dedication spiel before a heartrending vocal performance. And you have to credit the girl, because she wailed and grunted and screamed and sang soft and loud in various tones all the way, whilst twirling the mic, crawling on the floor, jumping like a maniac and also not leaving out her trademark orgasm noises from Date With The Night. She was insane. She’d scream into the mic and hold it with her teeth. She also smashed the mic into the floor in unison with the drums at the end. She also yelled Sydney like 32 times and spat beer like a merlion.

It was very visual and most of it was Karen. Nick and Brian were more subdued, just wearing simple black outfits. Most of the attention was focused on her and it had to because she was insane.

Another highlight of the show was when they released two gigantic inflatable eyeballs which I managed to touch like 6 times as the crowd bumped it around in between headbangs. Hella great fun.