Yes! I’ve found a new dessert joint in town. Actually, I’d known about Gelato Messina like since I arrived in Sydney. I just never made the trip. It’s just tucked away somewhere in Darlinghurst. It is really cheap and good though, with like 40 flavors or something crazy like that on offer at any time.

I went for Liquorice, Chocolate Sorbet and a Fig & Marsala.

The fig (back right) was disappointing. I guess cos I compare it to Maggie Beer’s Burnt Fig Jam with Honeycomb and Caramel. It’s swamped by the cream because it’s too mild. The liquorice (foreground) is interesting, because it has this aniseedy, minty fresh but kinda awful on most accounts flavor. It’s not something I love but I think given the right context, it can be brill. The chocolate sorbet was good, clean and smooth. Good chocolate flavor if a touch watered down but no cream/milk to disturb it’s noir-ishment.

My friend had a Coconut & Lychee (good, passable), Tiramisu (surprisingly smooth, sabayon-ish texture) and the most awesome pick of the day, Hazelnut. Despite it’s simplicity, it was evident they used good quality hazelnut puree/paste, not the crappy fako essence crap. It came with full fledged nuttiness and a slight graininess. I dunno if they used hazelnut meal or whatever but it’s really good.

I’m nitpicking if I’m being critical because 3 scoops equals one good dessert for $7.

Gelato Messina
Shop 1/241 Victoria Street
NSW 2010
02 835 41 223
Open Sunday to Thursday 12pm – 11pm
Friday & Saturday 12pm – 11.30pm