Ayo so Woollahra is hella steezy and if you’re like me and you like to spend your free time browsing delis, then this place is awesomesauce. It’s a nice, quiet little super posh suburb that is inches away from grimy Darlinghurst, Paddington and King’s Cross. There’s 2 really good restaurants in Claude’s and Bistro Moncur but also 2 awesome delis. One is Simon Johnson, which has branches all over. The other is Jones the Grocer, who also has branches all over, even 2! in Singapore.

A nice cheese room with a good selection compliments a smallish crop of good chocolates, teas, jams, spices, pastas and a counter with jamon, prosciutto and the usual suspects. I kopped myself some Ossau Irraty and a Bleus des Basques which I will explore on a later date.

Another uber awesome place to check out is Victor Churchill, which opened only recently. It’s like the poshest butcher ever. The front facade is green with gold letters on the signage over a foggy glass display that’s got meat hanging behind the window. A door handle made outta sausages makes for a cute little entrance. Inside, it’s a lovely white marble floor and this weird big brother style folly on the left. It’s made outta gold painted security cameras all pointing towards a special product they have for sale enclosed inside a glass dome. This ain’t your typical neighborhood butcher mang. *Note all photos stolen off the VC webby. I ain’t that proficient.

Then there’s the beautiful fridge holding the most beautiful and amazing meat I’ve ever seen in my life. Grade 9 David Blackmore Wagyu, Kurobuta Spare Ribs, Aged Fillet, Macleay Valley Rabbit, Glenloth Chicken… It’s like carnivore heaven. The butchery is part of Vic’s Meats, supplier to like almost all the good restaurants in Sydney. It ain’t hard to see why. Another fridge contains the charcuterie items, from blood sausages to foie gras to wagyu drippings and duck fat and more sausages and hams and jamon and Kurobuta prosciutto and this and that and every other amazingly tasty looking food thing that had me drooling despite my very substantial meal not too long ago.

Opposite the fridges was this floor to ceiling glass partition that housed 2 freestanding butcher blocks, behind which the butchers were working. Open butcher concepts. Behind, there was a beautifully restored antique Berkel slicer and all manner of cured sausages and meats and whatnot plus a rotisserie with orange glazed ducks and plain old chickens.

It’s $189.50 per kilo of the best meat they have. I can see myself buying a couple steaks for a future uber pig out session. I wonder if they have good installment options or financial guidance packages.