Adam Voorhes is clearly a guy that likes to eat. His photography is one of the ultra clear or strikingly lit shots of all manner of closeups, wherein detail is paramount. Because of the lighting and the starkness of the images, stuff always seems trapped and frozen, particularly in the photos that appear to have some kind of movement. He obviously makes a great product photographer and has clearly done so already. His exploded series of photos was what generated a lot of interest, with Neatorama lighting the path but it was the photo of waffles and syrup that got me.

Probably because I really like waffles. And syrup. Also, I’m not terribly into fancy waffles. Just plainish un sour type ones will do for me. Toast till crisp. Drench in maple and spread butter such that the holes are filled and drench some more. Mmm. Waffles.