Been rummaging through the web, looking for stuff to throw on my new phone and found some gems. Can’t believe I’ve been without this shit for ages.

Some fave apps include:

  • WordPress. Hello. This post on my puter tho.
  • Facebook widget.
  • Colornote for notes.
  • Opera Mini for surfs.
  • NetCounter for telling me to stop dlding apps.
  • Toss It for hardcore gaming.
  • FxCamera for fake Lomo/Polaroidness.
  • Gmail/Google Voice/Google Translate/Google Search.
  • Beautiful Widgets for the fake HTC Sense look.
  • Maps for travels.
  • Movie Finder for movies.

So far, really like how android has got more than one home screen as well as access to a pull up menu. Of course, I’m using the ancient Android 1.5 aka Cupcake but it feels fine to me. I’m not die hard for multitouch or flash support or whatever crazy tech is available to the latest Android versions. The main reason for that being my stupidity with regards to trying to root my phone. I hate how these damn phone OS rom nerds word their “tutorials”! Plain English pls kthxbai!

Loving the insta email notifications from this or that online retailer telling me I’ve got a bargain or the same Nigerian prince that tells me about diamonds and shit. I’m a busy man you can tell.

Also love the custo-phone lock swipe thingey, although it’s been shown elsewhere that it’s rather simple to decipher what it is based on your oil marks.

But mainly, I just love the fact that I paid very little (2 $10 cab rides + 1 $7 return train ticket) to get the phone from a warehouse in a godforsaken part of Tehran, um Sydney, and that the damn thing actually works. My old phone got dropped and the volume rocker switch/scroll dial thing got jammed inside the case. Which meant I was stuck at a low volume speaker and I had trouble trying to select stuff on the phone. The touchscreen was also cracked which meant that I couldn’t read the top messages and spent 5 minutes trying to open my inbox. Also, it’s not an iPhone.

Some uber cool apps that I’m looking forward to in the future include Layar, which is like augmented reality on your phone as well as Google Goggles, which lets you snap photos and search shit. Or snap biz cards and save that info. Plus a whole host more I haven’t discovered yet.

Pretty sure the iPhone can do all/more stuff but I just like having widgets and crap y’know.