Ok. This is my levelling plan for my watch game. I’m starting with a sub “homage” then more minimal watches until I reach the final boss, an IWC Portuguese. I swear this is the last time I post a bunch of watches I lust after but will never buy.

Level 1. Noob status. This is where I was like a month or 2 back when I finally kopped a $30 Casio calculator watch. So budget hipster and even though I tried valiantly to actually use the shitty calculator with its designed for amoeba size buttons, I ultimately realized it was stupid but at least I no longer need to pull my phone out, unlock it and then check the time.

Level 2. G-Shock! I never owned one til now and this is clearly an upgrade at $60, twice the price yo. Still, I bought it mainly for work purposes and find it very very helpful with its countdown timer, date, big numbers etc. It made me realize how useful having a watch was.

Level 3. The next level. A basic submariner style homage watch. Level 3-5 costs all about the same but this is flashier. Basically, it would be my first, nice, bracelet strap watch, with shiny stainless steel case. Black bezel/dial. Minimal face again. There’s plenty of watches that fit with what I’m trying to describe really. It’s probably the most ubiquitous watch ever. Something like this one from Alpha, which is actually really really cheap. Like USD65. Not with THAT bracelet tho. Just the normal one. Only thing I dislike is the magnifier. But that’s expected. A similar Seiko is another option just that it adds a 1 in front of the 65 but it is closer to what I prefer. Levels 3-5 can swop positions, its like the stage in a game where you can choose your boss.

Level 4. I need a casual watch for going out and looking at the time. Something with a brown strap. So it’s probably going to be the clean modded Seiko SNK809 like below, just with a different strap. The old face swopped out for something Sinn-esque and clean, with the date at 4:30. Might do a mod on the level 3 sub too to approach this level of cleanliness. Leaning heavily towards this over the previous. A more minimal Sinn basically.

Level 5. At 85 pounds, the thing’s probably not the best in terms of build quality versus price but you’d be hard pressed to find a clean watch with a color palette sensibility like Uniform Wares. Grey like I said before.

Level 6. A Flieger. A real one too, hence the significantly higher financial outlay. 39mm Archimede (325 Euro) or a no logo Stowa (545 Euro) shown below. Brown Strap.

Level 7. A Sinn 856 S UTC. Love the pinch of yellow on the 24 hour hand. Quite a ways away at over 1200 Euro. This is a watch that is perfect for me. One that I wouldn’t change a smidge. From the date position to the material finish to the size of the font, to the white on black to the hands and even the branding. It’s simple, modern and functionally embellished without being over the top. It’s also stealth wealth concepts, not that I have any wealth to speak of.

Secret level! I’d like a blacked out sub basically. Matte black black black. PVD case with matching strap, black face, minimal details/branding. I’ve never been a Rolex fan either but I actually like some submariner homages I’ve seen out there and a PVD blacked out one with no magnifier is what I’d like. Something by Bamford & Sons but costing a squillionth of the price. The example below though was a custom made one by a dude on a watch forum. The only thing I’d like changed is a numberless/logoless classic sub face. Dunno how much this might cost to get custo-ed. Like buy a Rolex and rape it concept, maybe half the price of my grail. Or buy a Seiko and buff it and make it really cheap.

Level 8. Grail watch. The IWC Portuguese Regulateur is my holy grail of watchdom. It’s M. Bison/Sephiroth/Dr. Robotnik/Diablo. This is when I’ve reached  a point in life when 10k-20k is worth throwing down on timekeeping. Of course, I’ll probably never own one seeing as how often I’ve beaten M. Bison on hard mode. Yet it’s nice to dream and imagine the un-me. The version of me that would like a big-ish 43mm watch with gold case, dark brown croc leather strap, classic detailing on the face, pretty much antithesis to everything that came before.