Yea boy! We got the house!! After weeks of searching and taking buses around every off day we got, we finally nailed a joint. And this one is probably one of the nicest we’ve seen so far. Bye bye shitty digs! Time to spend a few gs on furniture and stuff.

So now I get the beautiful premise of staying 5 minutes from work, 15 to the city, lots of good food, a decent grocer in Thomas Dux plus one decent butcher that sells Bangalow pork and at least one Jap grocer. Anyway, if I ever needed Azn shit, its just a short bus ride away.

What I love about the house is that it seems to be pretty much perfect.The location is superb for me and my 3 new housemates, who all work nearby. There’s almost no garden, just a few trees, which is fine for us since we don’t have green fingers, just greasy or floury ones. The rooms are rather big and spacey and there’s even space enough for a 5th room. The kitchen looks decent and so are the bathrooms. There’s even a dining space plus 2 separate lounges. One of which appears to be an extension to the house, with a cool mini loft accessible via a ladder. Pics to come.

IKEA can look forward to my patronage soon enough. I just need to get packing! It’s nice that after all this time, I finally get my “own” place and life seems to be chugging along after all. Next step? A car. Hehehe.