My man Ludwig Mies had this idea that if you did enough of the right thing and nothing more, you’d end up maximising whatever end result you get. It was this idea of negative space and breathing room that is a powerful notion and one that many people strive to chase. However, most of the time, they tend to do very little of the wrong thing and nothing else. Or too much of everything. Or both. Or whatever. Basically most peeps just get it damn wrong.

So I figured I’d give it a shot in the arena of retail therapy that I appear to practise so often. Rather than spending craploads at a time on heaps of basics at Uniqlo/Muji. I’ve opted to be a lot more selective and just say no. So far, my shopping haul in Singapore has included socks, hair wax and colored markers for friends and also 2 sweater pyjama sets and a single pullover for myself.

Very exciting stuff. My online haul though… Sheesh! I put down a preorder for a Uniform Wares watch, a ToJ zip wallet and probably gonna pull trigger on a Robbie G short sleeved shirt. Which is actually quite a lot of crap. Also seriously thinking about a leather jacket or good parka for winter. Unfortunately it’s the wrong season in the first world.

To summarize. Luddy was right. Less is more, if you smart. Unfortunately, for most people (like myself) less just gets you less but you also end up with less. Like, buy less, get less and have less money. I blame Sydney being in the southern hemisphere and their protectionist ideologies. Also, Singapore should stock cold season gear in the middle of April regardless of the absurd excuse that the climate is tropical. Which reminds me just how much my skin dislikes my home country.

My tongue though, my tongue… is in anticipation. Due to familial commitments and laziness in general, all I’ve eaten is about 2kg of bak kwa. Tomorrow… tomorrow is the day when it will meet with long lost loves and indulge in a litany of orgasma, swollen in the throes of sheer ectasy and thrusting, dabbing and licking in grotesque efficiency. I will tear through the island like a hot knife through butta, like a Chinese man and an opportunity I will waste no time. I will be ruthless. There will be no need for cutlery or chewing. The keyword is melt. I will melt that chicken rice and the pratas and the char kway teows and the hokkien mees and the fish head curries and the bobo chacha and the rojaks and the satays and the laksas and even the red melamine bowls and plates will remember every taste receptor on my orifical phallus. Leave shit on the tongue and wait for the flavor to disappear concept.