There’s like 16 new shopping malls in Singapore or something like that. I popped into 313@Somerset, ION Orchard and Mandarin Gallery for starters but also noticed Iluma, Orchard Central, City Square Mall that opened within the time I left and this time I arrived, round about a year.

Of course all of them were in development last year but they’re all brand spankin’ new and huge and massive and I keep wondering how many same same malls Singapore really needs with the same same shops and same same food and whatever. If you include all the other newish places like from ’05 on, I think the number of new malls in Singapore comes really close to my exaggerated figure. This is all for a population of about 5m or so? Plus, there’s plenty of other shopping areas like Holland or Jalan Sultan or Dempsey or whatever new place is that I haven’t been to.

I dunno if I’m a fan of all the lights and shit. It’s even more hectic than it’s ever been before although it’s nice to see a city where, at 11pm at night, the shops are just about to close. Also, it’s nice to have decent and cheap food and snackage everywhere. Just feels a touch pretentious at times with a lot of neon and signage and whatever. However, if you just peeked at the details of the construction, whether it’s the entire building (I can’t stand ION’s awful choice in glass panelling which looks already dirty) or if it’s individual stores like the Prada @ ION with some really awful workmanship, for what is supposed to be a luxury label. In Japan, the same goddamn store is a Herzog & de Meuron icon for extremist comparison.

I know there’s all the “interesting” shopping enclaves and all but seriously unless there’s like global cooling or something, Singapore will never have really awesome stuff. We’re always just reduced to lightweight shirting, print tees, rain jackets and summerweight jeans/chinos… So sad. Well glasses here are pretty dope though. I can get Mykita glasses from my neighborhood optician. Even if it’s a notoriously overpriced one selling a ridiculously overpriced brand. Why is everything imported also like ridiculously overpriced too? Small market, limited selection, high prices… It’s a hard knock life mang.

It has gotten heaps better versus about 5 years ago, when I had to hunt down Graniph tees or whatever hot jawn rocked in. Kinda hilarious that there’s a Bathin’ Ape store now! I used to be so down about 10 years ago for some Ape Shall Never Kill Ape shit. Didn’t even bother much now though. Also, the store looks super boring! Maybe next year when I get home, I’ll be able to check out that new A.P.C store opening soon after I leave and it’ll be on 80% sale. Ok I probably do want some stuff from Surrender. Like CPs, Thom Browne (as if I can afford it!), Gitman Vintage and BoO or Visvim. Also heard good things about Sifr. Pima cotton tees for under $40. Pleated shorts look good online… Pants too… We’ll see! Which means I need to hit Know It Nothing or rockstar.

Can’t believe that I totally missed the Ambush store in Mandarin Gallery. They probably might’ve had some Ervell and Geller for me to try and I totally missed the store. Blind as a bat. Which is a good thing cos I might have threw down a grand for free.