List of rubbish that I bought in the end.
  1. Pima cotton tees from Sifr. Decent quality, not overly expensive (3 for 108 @ Tangs) and doesn’t give my man boobage extra shadows. Almost amazing that I fit an M.
  2. 1 U+J Plaid shirt. 2 x sweat suit pyjamas. 3 belts. 1 x lightweight mandarin collar shirt. 1 x navy crew neck tee. All from Uniqlo.
  3. 1 x rolled hem sweater. 1 x foldback collar button up sweater. 2 x soap dispensers. 1 x personal chopsticks. All from MUJI.
  4. Straw hat from Topman.
  5. Bodum 8 cup glass beaker replacement from Takashimaya.
  6. Crapload of cookbooks from Kinokuniya & Popular.

List of shit I’ve eaten.

  1. Chicken Rice. Tian Tian @ Maxwell.
  2. Oyster Pancake @ Maxwell.
  3. 1 x Goreng Pisang, 1 x Chempedak Goreng. Lim Kee @ Maxwell.
  4. Fish Porridge @ Maxwell.
  5. 1 x Sugarcane, 1 x Lime drink @ Maxwell. (Items 1 through 5 all consumed in 1 sitting, about 1.5hrs)
  6. Sambal Stingray, Sambal Lala, Sambal Kangkong @ Old Airport Road
  7. Crab Bee Hoon @ Old Airport Road, same time as #6.
  8. Carrot Cake @ Old Airport Road
  9. Rojak @ Old Airport Road
  10. Mua Chee @ Old Airport Road
  11. Sugarcane, Soursop Juice, Grass Jelly @ Old Airport Road, same time as #8,9,10.
  12. 5 x Tong Heng Egg Tarts in Chinatown.
  13. 2 x Peanut Ang Ku Kueh, 2 x Bean paste Ang Ku Kueh, 1 x mixed Kueh, 5 x Ondeh Ondeh, 1 x brown color kueh with coconut. All from Borobodur Snacks Shop in Bedok.
  14. 2 x Ang Ku Kueh, 1 box Ondeh Ondeh, 1 x Kueh Lapis Batavia, 1 x Kueh Pisang. All from Bengawan Solo KAP.
  15. 2 x really rubbish Egg Pratas @ Al Ameen. Also 1 x Milo Peng.
  16. 1 x really rubbish Canto roasts from “outside my house”.
  17. A few homecooked meals including Herbal soup w Black Chicken, Yellow Melon Soup…
  18. 1 x Soon Hock, 1 x Broccoli, 1 x Melon Soup, 1 x Har Cheong Gai. Sum’s in Sembawang.
  19. 1 x impromptu roast lamb dinner by yours truly. Also included simple salad, bruschetta, oyster konbu/dashi soup, Panna Cotta w Red Wine Reduction.
  20. 1 x 5 course simple degu by yours truly. Grilled sotong w soy mirin, Egg yolk Ravioli w Herbed Ricotta, Edamame soup w Bacon, Roast duck w veg, Choco Eton Mess w Macaroons instead of meringue.
  21. 1 x 11 course CNY style dinner by yours truly. Braised mushrooms w pork hock, dried oysters & sea cucumber, Prawns w Edamame & Bacon, Steamed & Fried Chicken w Octo Vin, Braised Beef Taiwanese style, Deep Fried Pasta Wontons, Dou Miao w Mushrooms & Salted Fish, Pomfret en Papillote a la Teochew, Lotus Root Soup, Steamed Eggs, Raw Turnips w Miso, Lychee Granita w Peppermint on Mango Kulfi.
  22. Dim Sum @ Shaw Center.
  23. Butter Sugar Toast Set @ Ya Kun in Bugis Junction.
  24. Nasi Lemak somewhere in Bedok.
  25. Random crap from Old Chang Kee outside Heeren.
  26. 1 x ice cream balls on bread from the Walls uncle outside Takashimaya.
  27. 1 x 600g pack of Bee Cheng Hiang Bak Kwa.
  28. 1 x 1kg pack of Bak Kwa, gift from friend.
  29. 1 x Tonkatsu-don w egg in Meidi Ya.
  30. Maccas McNuggets meal.
  31. Nasi Padang @ Rendezvous Hotel.
  32. Durians @ Geylang.
  33. Mangoes @ Home.
  34. Several slices Yunnan sausage.
  35. Really awful beer.
  36. None too spectacular Albarino from Mar de Frades.
  37. Heaps of good sake.
  38. Indian food @ Greenwood.
  39. A few bottles of Monkey Bay Sauv Blanc and Gravitas Sauv Blanc / Pinot Noir.
  40. Bak Kut Teh @ Rangoon Road.
  41. Laksa @ Jalan Berseh.
  42. Jellied Trotters & Shark’s Meat @ Jalan Berseh.
  43. Char Kway Teow @ Hill Street Char Kway Teow, Bedok.
  44. Popiah, Kueh Pie Ti @ Glory, Katong
  45. Kopi, Kaya Toast @ Clive St, Little India. (40-45 in one day, mini road trip)

This exercise clearly demonstrates how I am a glutton and clearly ignore my waistline/health/humanity. You should watch me eating crabs, fish porridge and durians. Eat, spit, chuck.